I am currently an Appellate Court Justice in the Appellate Court 2nd District, by appointment of the Illinois Supreme Court.

Ann is an outstanding jurist and the Appellate Court as well as the citizens of the State of Illinois need her experience and judgment. Raiford Palmer (La Grange, IL)

My family and I support Ann Jorgensen's election as Appellate Court Judge.She has served in the Du Page County Judicial system with distinction for many years. Gerard Aranha (Oak Brook, IL)

I have known Ann for 30 years.She embodies the knowledge, wisdom, and integrity necessary for the Appellate Court, and is the most qualified candidate for Justice. Donald Phelan (Naperville, IL)

Ann is an excellent jurist, well thought of by her peers and the lawyers appearing before her.
Richard J. Larson, Retired Circuit Court
(Sugar Grove, IL)

In addition to being a brilliant legal mind, Justice Jorgensen is a role model for women in general and the legal profession in particular. Susan Pesch (Wheaton, IL)

As an attorney, I have appeared before Judge Jorgensen several times. She asseverates brilliant legal scholarship, promotes justice, exemplifies the consummate judicial professional. Judge Jorgensen should be elevated to the Appellate Court. I will vote for her. Craig Cunningham (Sycamore, IL)

The legal community knows that Ann is vastly more qualified than her opponent. Hopefully, the voters become equally informed. Gregory Martucci (Roselle, IL)

Ann is the most qualified Candidate for this position. Hon. John Countryman (Ret.) (DeKalb, IL)

Justice Jorgensen's intelligence, judgment and ethics make her the archetype of what all jurists and elected officials should aspire. Gerry Cassioppi

Ann is an awesome lady and outstanding justice. There is no question, VOTE FOR ANN JORGENSEN! Lydia DiBuono (Roselle, IL)

Having worked with Justice Jorgensen on the Alternative Dispute Resolution Illinois Bar Association Committee and appeared before her in cases that settled and went to judgment when she was a trial judge, and now seeing the thoughfulness of her decisions as an Appellate Court Justice, I am personally aware of her commitment to justice and sound decisions that benefit the people of the State of Illinois. I endorse her without reservation. Steve Bashaw (Downers Grove, IL)

I first met Ann when she was a young prosecutor. She proved to be tough and well focused.
I appeared before her when she became a judge. Her toughness gave way to a well balanced approach to the rule of law.She is still well focused. Frederick DePasquale (Batavia, IL)

Justice Jorgensen is the only candidate with the experience and knowledge that excels above the rest. She is conscientious in her decisions, and ensures that the law is upheld. Colleen Thomas and Doug Warlick

We need to elect more people like Ann Jorgensen. Glad to support her! Carolyn Ubriaco

As a physician, I strongly support Justice Ann Jorgensen, particularly because almost all medical malpractice suits against doctors have a second chance for justice at that level, and as a doctor's wife she understands better than most what is a fair judgement in these cases. Erlo Roth

We are fortunate to have such a dedicated Justice with 20 years experience on our Appellate Court. William Parkhurst

We need good appellate justices like Ann. On the appellate court a good judge or a bad judge's impact is multiplied. Each decision that she makes influences hundreds if not thousands of other cases. Rick Lesser

As a committeeman and staunch conservative I have been circulating your petition and will be placing yardsigns on your behalf. Laurel Bowen

Dear Justice Ann,
Yes! I will endorse you and please use my name in your publications.
Susan L. Urasky
Lisle-Woodridge Fire Protection District Trustee
Precinct Committeeman Lisle 56

Ann is one of those admirable judges who combines broad legal experience with a sense of compassion and humanity. -Michael O'Brien

It is my honor to support Ann. She is an outstanding Appellate Judge as well as an outstanding woman. - Lydia DiBuono

I would be happy to support Justice Ann Jorgensen however I live in cook county. -Cary J. Collins Hoffman Estates Village Trustee.
I am honored and privileged to sit on the Court with Ann. She is an excellent appellate court justice - bright, thorough, and fair. She is dilligent in her duties, and a true pleasure to work with. Ann has proven herself in her work on the trial court, in her work in the community, and now on the appellate bench. We must continue to elect great judges like Ann.
-Mary Schostok

I have only the highest respect for Justice Jorgensen. She is the best -- both on and off the bench! Without any question, she has my full personal support.
-Liz Martinez
Vice Chairman
Lisle Township Republican Organization
Chief Justice Jorgenson has earned our support with her impecable record of achievments. As Committeemen, it is our duty to assist her in this endevor, as she is a responsible Candidate, who deserves this position. Please give serious consideration to work on her Petition Drive efforts. Michael Costello
Best wishes to you Ann, my favorite and most admired person and judge. Sotomayor has nothing on you! Pamela Rogers
Anne Jorgensen has the judicial ability and temperment that the Appellate Court needs! I have known ABJ for many years, and she is the type of jurist that our district deserves. Most in my neighborhood ask me for voting recommendations.  John K. Norris

Lets keep good ,honest and fair people in the Courts. I\'m voting for Justice Ann Jorgensen and Mary S. Schostok! Frank Cococnate
I have known Justice Jorgensen for over 20 years and can proudly say that she has embodied the standard of excellence in the legal profession and the judiciary that should be aspired to by all citizens and members of the legal profession. David Laz
Justice Jorgensen is one of the most intelligent jurists I have had the privilege of practicing law in front of over the last 18 years. I have always found her to be respectful to not only the attorneys, but the clients that also appeared in front of her. She is extremely well versed in the law and the intricacies in many of the laws of our state. She gets to the point quickly and decisively not allowing any one to waste the Court's time or other parties time. It is always a pleasure to see and hear from her on the law issues of today. Lynne Kristufek
I had the chance to work closely with Justice Jorgensen during my term as President of the DuPage County Bar Association when she was the Chief Judge. She will do an outstanding job for us on the appellate court, as she is very thoughtful and decisive. Fred Spitzzeri
Justice Jorgensen is an outstanding example of the calibre of judges we need on our Appellate Court! Impartial, balanced, and dedicated - I wholeheartedly support her candidacy for Appellate Judge in the Second District!
-Laura Pollastrini
Ancel, Glink, Diamond, Bush, DiCianni & Krafthefer, P.C.
Wayne Township Republican Party, Past Chairman
I’m pleased to support Justice Ann Jorgensen in her campaign for the Second District Appellate Court. She is an excellent judge with a strong reputation for fairness and impartiality. Our circuit court was well-served by her leadership as Chief Judge and she has been a great addition to the appellate court. She has earned a full term.
Rick Veenstra, former state chairman, Federation of Illinois Young Republicans and former president, DuPage Young Republicans.
Liked Ann the first time I met her, and I believe that was the first time she became judge. I have never heard anything negative. Ann has made DuPage County very proud to have her as their own. Besides, she throws a mean roll! Joan Salvato
Ann Jorgensen is not only highly rated as a judge but also highly respected in the Judicial world. She has my complete support.
-Mike Formento

Milton Township Chairman
DuPage County Forest Preserve Commissioner Dist 4
Ann has already shown her capabilities as Chief Judge for Du Page County. We need experienced and competent jurists on the Appellate Court. Frankly, Ann is the only logical choice for this position.
-John Wyeth
Precinct Committeeman, Oswego Township 25, Kendall County
My wife and I have known Ann for many years and have nothing but good thoughts of her. A caring, considerate woman with brains and ethics. What a great combination.
-Marty Keller, Precinct 84
Milton Township Committeeman
I am pleased to personally endorse the candidacy of Justice Ann Jorgensen for the Appellate Court. Justice Jorgensen is an extremely well qualified jurist that brings professionalism and legal expertise to the bench that is, indeed, above reproach.
-Michael H. Prueter
Lisle Township Republican Organization

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